6:30PM Lori Brandt

The Happiness Coach

Challenges are only challenges when we perceive them as challenges.

Lori Brant helps her client’s identify the patterns in their lives that are linked to limiting beliefs. 

Once these patterns are transformed, they begin experiencing huge shifts where actions once laced with anxiety suddenly become easy, and relationships with others and themselves deepen.

By helping her clients recognize when they are out of alignment, or taking action from old outdated patterns of thought, they can then choose to draw themselves back into alignment and perceive or take action from their natural state of peace and calm instead.

7:00pm Jill Dowling


  • The Importance of Healthy Sleep
  • What Actually Happens When We Sleep

How Sleep Can Make Us More Productive

7:30PM Ellie Gillespie

 Martindale Pharmacy

  • What is the pelvic floor and what is pelvic floor physiotherapy?
  • Misconceptions above the pelvic floor
  • What is a healthy pelvic floor?
  • Common problems associated with the pelvic floor (urinary leakage, prolapse, urinary urgency, pelvic pain, low back pain, hip pain)
  • Why are these problems happening?
  • How to fix it

8:pm Angela Lattuca

HomeEquity Bank

  • Helping Seniors stay in their homes for as long as they want
  • Giving Seniors the extra funds to enjoy life on their terms
  • Sharing success stories of how a Reverse Mtg can help your family

8:30PM Kristine Boldt

 Weight Watchers

*share my lifelong battle with weight and how I have broken through the viscous cycle of fad diets and learned to maintain a healthy weight and relationship with food using Weight Watchers
*Discuss the evolution of Weight Watchers and how it is continuing to be such a success for millions around the world
*Give a brief overview of how the Weight Watchers program works and the new customized programs available